Month: October 2019

Cybersecurity Travel Tips

Keeping your devices secure is a must – especially when you’re traveling. It doesn’t take any longer to open your smartphone or tablet by using a passcode.  Most smart devices now allow you to use biometric authentication, or something that...

/ October 16, 2019

Small Business Cybersecurity Misconceptions

I hear this all of the time, “Why would someone want to hack my business? We do not have anything that anyone would want.” My immediate response is you should think more of your business – just kidding. Seriously though,...

/ October 7, 2019

Own it. Secure It. Protect It.

October 2019 marks the 16th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). Every year NCSAM encourages each of us to #BeCyberSmart. This year NCSAM has provided us with some great tips, so be sure to: Own IT. Never click and tell;...

/ October 1, 2019