Protecting Critical Infrastructure

By Elvis Huff on October 23, 2018
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Did you know there are 16 sectors of critical infrastructure in the United States? Yes, that’s right, there are 16 areas deemed critical to our nation. Can you guess any of them?

If financial was one of your answers, bonus points! The financial sector is very critical to our nation’s economy. To protect such a critical infrastructure, we all must be willing to participate. Whether it’s in our actions with our sensitive information, talking to our families about what scam to watch out for, or enrolling in an ID theft plan, we all play a crucial part in protecting our finances.

What can you do?

Here are some free steps you can take to protect your accounts:

  1. Make a list of your most important accounts – bank account login and email should be at the top of this list
  2. Think of ways to protect those logins – either with multi-factor authentication or creating a new stronger passphrase
  3. Change the password on those accounts
  4. Enroll in a password management service so you are not using the same password across multiple accounts
  5. Keep your accounts private – do not share the details with anyone
  6. Learn more about cybersecurity – there are lots of great free courses out there

Want more?

Check out my Resources page for more great info – including a new infographic about protecting the nation’s critical infrastructure. And you can get check out the full Homeland Security list of critical sectors here.


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Posted by Elvis Huff

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One Comment

  1. Hi Elvis,

    Please, at what stage are you and the bank and implementation of two factor authentication?

    Either the time-based pseudo random number generator (ie Authy, Google Authenticator), or the Yubikey, are very robust 2FA.

    SMS is deprecated and not robust.

    Vanguard implemented Yubikey some years ago. You can purchase a card from Bank of America that generates pseudo-random numbers. Too few banks are giving customers the opportunity to use 2FA.




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