STOP. THINK. CONNECT: Simple Steps to Online Safety

By Elvis Huff on October 5, 2017
5 minute read

Every October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. Each week of the month has a themed approach to cybersecurity awareness. I am excited to bring you these this month as we dig into some cybersecurity topics.

Week 1’s theme is STOP. THINK. CONNECT. In other words, take a moment of pause before connecting to online resources. This is especially true when connecting to guest, or free, Wi-Fi networks.

DO NOT connect right away to open networks. Open networks are the perfect spot for cybercriminals to get your information. If you can connect to it freely, so can the bad guys.

Think about what you need to access online. Can you use a cellular network instead? Sure it will burn some data, but it just might prevent your information from becoming compromised. Free and guest Wi-Fi networks are not always “free”.

After you have identified what exactly you need to do online, connect cautiously. As soon as you are done, disconnect.

Remember these three simple phrases and you are well on your way to being #cyberaware!

Posted by Elvis Huff

Elvis Huff worked as an officer and network administrator for 12 years with the Lebanon Police Department and has also served as an adjunct professor in information systems at Cumberland University. Read More »

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