Thank you, veterans

By Elvis Huff on November 8, 2019

I wanted to personally say thank you to all of our veterans for making our freedoms possible.

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Veterans remain a target for fraud

Veterans continue to be a target of scams and fraud. According to a recent Military Times Article, veterans are being targeted with scams aimed at taking their money. The article details that many of these scams claim to be some type of charity, but instead they take, and continue to take, from veterans who think they are helping others.

What should you do?

Verify the charity is legitimate before donating time and money. According to Forbes, here are seven ways to verify a nonprofit is legitimate:

  1. Look at their history – how do they get funding, how long have they been around
  2. Check out their presence online – read articles, check out their website
  3. Talk to other donors and volunteers – a legitimate charity will have lots of people talking about them that you can reach out to as well
  4. How transparent are they – check out to do some research and check the charity’s website
  5. Ask for an independent audit report – this will give great detail on the charity
  6. Investigate their outcomes and beneficiary impact – see how their financial performance is doing
  7. Get involved – in a small way – first – get involved on the outskirts to check out the charity firsthand

Thank you veterans for your service. At WBT, we appreciate you and are here for you should have questions about fraud.


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