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By Elvis Huff on May 14, 2018
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Summertime is almost here! WOOHOO! I cannot wait for my family’s summer travel plans. If you are planning an out-of-state vacation this summer, please do not forget to notify us of your plans.  We don’t need a full itinerary that lists everything you’re going to do. All we need to know is WHERE you are going, and WHEN you are going to be there. That’s it!

By doing this, you are ensuring that your debit card is unblocked for that specific timeframe in that location.


Debit card fraudsters are constantly out getting your debit card numbers from various places. The most popular way to obtain, or skim, these debit card numbers is through gas pump skimmers. By placing blocks on certain states, we ensure that you remain protected and safe while traveling. To ensure your card works while traveling, call us ahead of time before your trip to ensure your card is unblocked WHEN and WHERE you need it.

Coming soon, don’t miss my exciting new post about our new app, MyCardRules!  You’ll be able to control your debit card, in real time, anytime – day or night.

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  1. Sam and Carolyn Minton May 16, 2018 at 12:34 am

    We love the MyCardRules app. We feel that our account is much safer now. We are telling friends about it so it will entice them to check out Wilson Bank!


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