Your New Yearly Checkup

By Elvis Huff on January 7, 2019
5 minute read

You may be in good shape physically for the new year, or have a plan to get there. But how’s your email security? Consider this your reminder to log in to your email accounts and check your private information and backup settings. If you want to be a security rock star, do this more than once a year – read on to find out how!

Why is it so important?

Cyber criminals are routinely targeting email accounts because they contain everything about our lives. Our email contains pertinent details about our social accounts, health care reports, insurance and bank statements – everything! If an attacker can gain access to your email account, they will have plenty of valuable information to use against you.

Here’s what to do

Log in to all of your email accounts, and double check your security settings, account history, device sign-ins, permissions and, most importantly, your account backup settings.

All of this content is going to be contained in your account settings and security area. Once in, just go through the settings.  It only takes a few minutes. The backup settings are critical, though – don’t skip those. Account backup settings allow you to specify an alternate way to log in to your account. Should a cyber criminal compromise your email, this is a back door allowing you to get back in, and lock them out.

Here’s how to do it

Listed below are three of the most popular email account providers for you to check. If you don’t see your email account provider, simply search for the provider name along with “security account settings” in a search engine.


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Posted by Elvis Huff

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